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What we do 

Humans of Science (HoS) delivers exclusive insights into the personal and academic life of world-leading scientists. The stories featured here cast inspiring research professionals in a different light. We delve into what influences these exceptional individuals and how the scientific innovations they make contribute to everyday life and shape our future. On the HoS website you can learn about their work, their biggest challenges and achievements thus far and read about what inspired them to pursue academic research as a career. HoS bridges the world of scientific research and the general public. Our interviews bring the greatest scientists closer to you and make their ideas and innovations more relatable.


Why we do it 

While politicians, models, actors and musicians are in the spotlight worldwide, most scientists and their daily efforts towards creating a better and more sustainable future are underappreciated. We feel this perception of science and researchers needs to be changed. Engaging researchers and the general public in a discussion results in improved understanding, excitement and appreciation for these silent heroes. The great work that so many researchers and students are doing have undeniably enriched the health and prosperity of our nations. We want to nurture an enthusiasm for research and motivate more people to actively participate in the science community.



How we do it 

We contact, select, and regularly host interviews with world-class researchers on a global scale and publish them for free on our website and Facebook page. Our questionnaire includes questions about the researcher’s formative years and inspiration, as well as anecdotes from their lives that shaped them as individuals. We cultivate strong partnerships with world-class research groups and institutions which generously participate and share their knowledge, views and experiences with our readers. 



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Ultimately, the backbone of our endeavour Humans of Science (HoS) is you: interested, engaged citizens around the world who continually seek to be better informed and involved in science and its innovation. You can:

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If you are a science researcher and always wanted to improve the public understanding and portrayal for your profession, you can also:

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